Coil Master Ready Box Coils

Coil Master Ready Box Coils


The Coil Master Ready Box has finally landed and it aims to please even the fussiest of vapers. These coils are designed to give you the perfection of flavour you crave as well as the big thick clouds you desire. The Ready Box contains prefabricated coils -fused Clapton -parallel Clapton -triple Clapton And if that's not enough it also has pre-cut Japanese cotton for a perfect wick every time and a short help guide for the newer builders This product comes with six (6) coils and twelve (12) pieces of cotton.

Box contains

2 x Fused Clapton Coils (26 x 2 + 39AWG, Ni80, 0.3ohm)

2 x Parallel Clapton Coils (26 x 2 + 39 + 26AWG, Ni80, 0.3ohm)

2 x Triple Clapton Coils (26 x 3 + 40AWG, KA1 + Ni80, 0.25ohm)

12 x Japanese Cotton; 1 x User Manual

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