Secret Menu Wake Up, Wake Up

Secret Menu Wake Up, Wake Up

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Wake Up, Wake Up by Secret Menu is a luscious tall golden donut with just the right amount of glaze to make your taste buds wake up and notice. But if that isn't enough for you and you need a little more encouragement to wake up in the mornings - there's also a steaming cup of coffee to get you going. Dip your donut in your coffee and you have a winning combination. Inhale the instant flavor of smooth vigorous coffee and the sweet taste of the glaze for starters and then relax into the delicious donut exhale. What more could you ask for to start your day right?

Size: 60ml and 100ml bottle

Handcrafted by Milkshake Liquids.

Singler Details:

  • Ready to Vape

  • 70% VG + 30% PG

  • Flavour is suitable to add your own nicotine

  • Does not contain nicotine (0mg).

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