Red Ade by Mad Hatter

Red Ade by Mad Hatter


If you’ve spent more than a few weeks vaping, then there’s a pretty good chance that you have tried an e-juice that tastes like fruit punch before. Fruit punch is a classic vape flavor that packs a punch and awakens your senses when you use it. But even if you’ve tried a number of fruit punch e-juices in the past, you have never tried one quite like this before. Red ADE eJuice will deliver a punch to your taste buds with a sweet, tropical, fruity flavor that is impossible to miss.

Size: 60ml Bottle

Premium e-liquid Handcrafted in the USA by Mad Hatter

Singler Details:

  • Ready to Vape

  • 70% VG + 30% PG

  • Flavour is suitable to add your own nicotine.

  • Does not contain nicotine (0mg).

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