Leprechaun Milk BY TUGLYFE

Leprechaun Milk BY TUGLYFE


Rumor has it, there's a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow, but we all know that's just a myth made up by adults with an especially cruel sense of humor. But what happens when it's a double rainbow? ...well, not much, really. But a triple rainbow? Now, that's a big deal, because that's when the Emerald Elder, the charmed mascot of the greatest marshmallow cereal known to man, appears to gift you with a supply of his most coveted concoction: Leprechaun Milk.

Too good to give to those kids that keep following him around, this magical e-liquid takes the warm grainy notes of toasted oats, combines it with the airy fluffiness of sugary sweet marshmallows, then, much to the dismay of helicopter parents everywhere, sends it for a nice swim in a bowl of creamy vanilla bean ice cream. The result is the silkiest, smoothest cereal vape you've ever tasted. Thankfully, we've already done the rainbow-chasing and have a full supply ready for you to try, so no need to track rain clouds just to find your new favorite flavor.

Size: 120ml Bottle

Premium e-liquid Handcrafted in the USA by TugLyfe

Singler Details:

  • Ready to Vape

  • 70% VG + 30% PG

  • Flavour is suitable to add your own nicotine.

  • Does not contain nicotine (0mg).

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