Why don't VAPE CHAMPER have nicotine in their E-juices?

Currently selling or supplying nicotine is against Australian law. However, it is legal in Australia to order nicotine for personal usage from overseas vendors, up to 3 months supply at a time.


Where can I purchase nicotine?  

You can purchase nicotine from a number of overseas sellers. One such site is They are a reputable American website that sells high quality nicotine.

VAPE CHAMBER has no affiliation with these websites and accepts no liability as a result of harm or misuse of liquid nicotine, the measuring of nicotine or the use of nicotine liquid are the responsibility of the end user. 

What are Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerine (VG)?

VG is used to thicken the ejuice and creates the vapor component of your liquid.  Nicotine currently comes in 100% Vegetable Glycerine (VG), 100% Propylene Glycol (PG) and 50/50% ratio. Depending on which you prefer to use is personal preference.


When measuring out Nicotine always use rubber gloves, disposable syringes with a blunt needle tip and in an area where if it spills or drips it can be cleaned up easily.

How do I use Nicotine safely?

store your nicotine in a secure location, preferably with a lock. Nicotine will stay colorless and tasteless longer when refrigerated. If you plan to refrigerate your nicotine, please take precautions such as a separate, lockable refrigerator or lock box inside the refrigerator to prevent contaminating food and access by children.

To protect the quality of your nicotine, follow these quick and easy suggestions.

1. Keep away from direct sunlight or other bright light sources.

2. If you plan not to use your nicotine within the first week,  storing it in a refrigerator or freezer will help prolong its lifespan.

Where should I store my nicotine?

Deciding what nicotine level you should be vaping depends on two factors:

  1. What model of vaporiser you are using or plan to buy as this will determine your style of vaping and

  2. How many cigarettes you smoke per day

Working out what nicotine is right for you is part of the vaping process but we do have guides available.

A general (freebase) Nicotine Level Guide can be found below, there can be some variances with the device you choose to use, such as Mouth to Lung or Direct Lung, however this guide should still cover you:

Nicotine E-Liquid Guide

< 5 cigarettes per day - 3mg nicotine

5-10 cigarettes per day - 6mg nicotine

10-20 cigarettes per day - 12mg nicotine

20 + cigarettes per day - 18mg nicotine

 If you need any help or have questions please contact the supplier of your nicotine as they are best to advise you on their products. To work out how much you need to add to your liquid you can also look at using an e-juice calculator like

How much do I need to use?

Steep time relates to the amount of time your eliquid needs to sit to reach it's optimum flavour. Just like a good wine, some liquids with cream or custard bases need time post mixing to steep and mature.

What is Steep Time?


What is a singler?

Singlers are a full bottle of e liquid that is ready to vape immediately. It is also the easiest means of adding nicotine if using 100mg strength base. Adding nicotine to a singler will minutely reduce the end flavour.

What is a Doubler?

Doublers are sold half filled with double the concentration of flavouring (hence the name DOUBLER) so that when nicotine is added to the bottle then e-liquid is diluted to achieve essentially a Singler with nicotine added.

The flavours of doublers are intense as they contain double the concentration, so it is not suitable for vaping without dilution. Doublers and singlers look the same; however the doubler will be filled only half way whereas the singler will be filled to the top.

Australian laws do not allow purchasers to buy e-liquid containing nicotine already added from vendors in Australia but the law does allow you to order nicotine from abroad, up to three months supply.

How do I mix a Doubler?

Typically a doubler is mixed in a 1:1 ratio with unflavoured nicotine.

For example if you have a 30ml Doubler, you will need to add another 30ml of nicotine and Propylene Glycol/Vegetable Glycerine depending on your nicotine base strength.